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Petrichor Artist Selects

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I am working with Petrichor Fine Art Press in Philadelphia to produce two lithograph editions as part of an artist portfolio series. Following a group show at Woodmere Art Museum, I was contacted by the guys at Petrichor, who were moving their print shop to Philadelphia and wanted to work closely with artists to produce fine art lithographs. They felt my work would translate beautifully. The work they'd seen exhibited at Woodmere was a diptych of duct tape relief pieces, one made in mimicry of the other. We decided to take this approach a step further and produce flat prints from original maquettes, a new pair of relief duct tape pieces composed of stripes in CMYK. Peter took large photographs of them, which I then redrew as a flattened version - one drawing for each color making eight drawings in total. The final prints should express optical tension between their highly physical original referents and the strong graphic quality of the stripes, rendered in the colors that serve as the basic ingredients for all printed images. Anticipated publishing: Fall 2016. See the slideshow below. Follow their instagram for updates on this and other projects.

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