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Making It

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Making It, the annual alumni exhibition at University of the Arts is on view from September 22 - October 20 in Hamilton Hall. This year's show, curated by Eric Preisendanz, "confirms the innovative ethos of...alumni as creators in evolving and diverse capacities and in changing, developing networks." Making It features two pieces of mine and twelve artists total whose work embodies "the creative spirit in a changing world":

  • Philippa Beardsley

  • Clarissa Caponera

  • Ted Carey

  • Brandon Coley Cox

  • Pap Souleye Fall

  • Paige Fetchen

  • Carla Fisher

  • Sara McCorriston

  • Marianna Peragallo

  • Justin Rubich

  • Phillip Stone

  • Jim Strong

Making It

Curated by Eric Preisendanz

September 22–October 20, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 5, 6–8 pm

University of the Arts

Dorrance Hamilton Hall

320. S. Broad St.

Philadelphia, PA 19102

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